As a Photographer

I am a photographer from Huntington Beach, California. I have always liked to take pictures and a few years ago I received a Canon DSLR for Christmas and that turned my like into a passion. 

There is no lie to the fact that my favorite type of photography is landscape. However, I like to embrace Rick Sammon’s Philosophy of being an “A to Z” photographer, enjoying the freedom of not specializing in one type of photography. This has led me to my new found passion for stage, concert and night photography, as well as exploring other styles of photography. 

My 3 favorite places are Lake Powell, Utah, Mammoth Lakes, California and my hometown of Huntington Beach, California.

I am always looking for the next shot and I want to continue to learn and improve my photography skills. This has led my to learn and take inspiration from the photo tutorial websites of Jim HarmerJared Polin and Nick Page. I try my best to post new photos after each shoot or trip. Currently I work as a lighting designer/programer, combining stage lighting design and photography is something I hope to continue in the future. I hope that some day photography will no longer be just hobby for me.



I can do all this through him who gives me strength
— Philippians 4:13